School Uniform

All O’ Level boy students wear a white short sleeved shirt with a badge having the school logo. And a dark blue trouser.

Students at A’ Level wears a White and Stripped Long sleeved shirts interchangeably each year. With a grey trouser and long skirt respectively.
The students come to school dressed in clean full school uniform. During remedial classes on Saturday and co-curricular activities, students may wear the official school T-shirts.

S.1 Girls wear either blue, green, yellow or orange at the beginning of the term till they sit there UCE examinations.
For example S.1 girls 2019 are in a green uniform up to 2022. Therefore candidates 2019 are in an Orange uniform which means that students to begin S.1 2020 will be putting on an orange Uniform.

All students are provided with a school sweater, which must be appropriately worn. The students wear a green sweater at O’ Level and Grey sweater at A’ Level. O-level boys wear any given socks and the girls wear plain white socks.
Same goes for A’ Level Students.