The HeadTeacher Masaka S.S

Allah Rules

Hajji Mpungu Musoke MusaDear readers, God is good, we welcome you to the Masaka Secondary  School website, where we get the opportunity of giving you an update on the developments in our school.
As you navigate our page, you will realize that we are taping students’ potential, exploiting students’ talents and also producing substance thus making Masaka S.S one of the leading schools.

With technological advancement most of our transactions are computerized, computerized report system and a computerized timetable to utilize our time effectively, a computerized bursary transaction system for better accountability… all this upgrades our ability to handle the big number in a more efficient way as well as improve our service delivery.

 We have planted trees, grass and flowers and built walk ways. Our new classroom blocks will soon be completed as others have been completed. We have constructed a gigantic septic tank for our students to use toilets and not the usual latrines. We have an ever green football pitch, Why not come and pay us a visit.

Indeed we are at the helm of producing competent human resource through providing quality education. The world today is a global village. We train our learners to develop a competitive character which will enable them to access opportunities all over the world.

Academic excellence aside, we are arming them with a winners character always emphasizing our core values that is fearing God/Allah, the respect of persons and property and integrity. Well anchored in those values and fortified by the grace of God/Allah Massecians are able to confidently survive anywhere in the world.

I therefore call upon all Massecians to share with the world their unique qualities for a better world.

We thank the Ministry of Education and Sports, the foundation body, the Board of Governors, Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Staff members, alumni and all well-wishers for facilitating Masaka Sec  to heights.
We stand the test of time!

Hajji Mpungu Musoke Musa
Head Teacher.